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From A Partner Program Perspective, IBM Says Its Cognitive Transformation Is Already Complete

"Partner plan is done. Business model is done. Strategy is clear," Marc Dupaquier, general manager of IBM's global business partners, told CRN after delivering his keynote at the PartnerWorld. Business Partner Voices is the official IBM PartnerWorld blog.

Follow us here for the latest updates from the IBM PartnerWorld team, and IBM Business Partners worldwide. This page is managed by Ana Fernatt and follows the IBM Social Computing Guidelines. IBM Press Room - IBM today announced new and expanded capabilities to help IBM Business Partners deepen their skills to deliver high-value solutions for clients, while enhancing profitability and creating opportunities for growth.

IBM's business partners drive about a third of the company's revenue -- a $32 billion contribution last year -- and in recent years the company has emphasized its plan to steadily increase that.

Summit Sessions.

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Return to SAM Summit London home to register and for additional event details. Sessions are open to all attendees unless listed otherwise. Sessions listed as end user only are NOT open to vendors, consultants, software resellers, software tool providers, compliance consultants, practitioner consultants or other SAM services professionals.

Ibm partnerworld business plan
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