Capitalization table business plan

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capitalization table

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Sample Cap Table (Pro Forma)

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The business plan is often referred to as the company “bible” or “battle plan.” As these more colloquial names might suggest, this document is meant to be a comprehensive company guide. To put that in perspective, plans for new startups are frequently in excess of 50, 75, or more pages.

The standard way to do this is with a capitalization table. This table is just a list of who owns what. In its simplest form, a capitalization table is a spreadsheet that includes the investment, shares, and percent ownership for each individual — including founders — invested in your company.

Startup Expenses & Capitalization The eighth section of the business plan involves outlining all of the expenses associated with initiating the full time operations of your business. This section of your business plan should be thorough, between pages in length.

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Use this cap table to sketch out how much you will really own after the financing. Find something else to blame on your lawyers. This cap table is simplified. Our cap table includes the major economic levers of a Series A: common stock, preferred stock, options, and convertible debt.

Definition of capitalization table: Summary of the securities issued by a firm, it shows the types of the securities with their dates of issue and the amount obtained from each type.

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Capitalization table business plan
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